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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pity pendrive

Great.... This is the 2nd time my pendrive got 'infected' by viruses... TT  Lost a lot of files. Again. My sejarah and biology notes, AJK lists for both clubs (2008,09,10), some images, and some other stuff... Well, the first time was when I borrowed a teacher's laptop to print a copy of something vital that is needed on that day itself. Later on back home, I found out that over 30 files in the pendrive are corrupted. It's my fault for forgetting to bring the file i printed out at home, so might as well learn my lesson.

So it was yesterday, I handed in my pendrive to a teacher for she needed to check on some pictures i designed in softcopy. This morning what she told me when she returned the pendrive was, "Ying2, pls check if there's any viruses in the pendrive cause I haven't checked it thoroughly (well, not really exact, but with the meaning in it)". I scanned it with a lame antivirus scan, and there you go -228 viruses neutralised- Cool isn't it? @@ It really worsen my mood a lot since I wasn't feeling any good before the discovery.

Lesson learnt, teachers' computers are full with viruses ~~
So beware...


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