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Friday, July 2, 2010

Moody night

Tonight is just like any other night, just that i put aside my homework and other stuff for I'm not in the mood of doing anything. Just facebooking and blogging, wonder how I spent a few hours just on these 2 sites ~~ Forgot to get Marathon form for Kee Wen >.< hope I'll remember to get it on Monday, if it's not too late...

Thinking about miserable stuff since there isn't anything to distract my attention. I realize that I'm not what i thought i could be. I'm just me, nothing more nor less. I thought i can live life without complaining about stuff that are unfair. I thought i can cope with everything. But now i feel i'm losing my patience, my passion, my efficiency and so on... I get frustrated fast by people's jokes, have mood swings a lot, can't seem to understand and care as much as i used to be before. I'm starting to neglect what i always cared, my friends, my duties, my studies. Everything's out of my control now. Sigh, there's still one year to go, wonder how can I get through it.

I'm weak i believe, I can try something and fail once, twice, thrice, but i wonder if i can move on. It's been a long time since I savour success, or solve every single miserable stuff and let go all the stress. I really hope to relax for just a little while... Probably I'm just the useless kind of people.

Hopefully, there's still hope somewhere.
Hoping for a brighter tomorrow~ =)

- Quite emo lately, please don't mind - 


Chea Ru Yen said...

Of course there's still hope!! =D

Yingying said...

Haha, thx ruyen =)
There's still hope hopefully, haha.

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