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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Suddenly realised that I haven't pass up some form to Yiling. Hmm... When's the dead line again? Probably Friday, Saturday... Guess it couldnt be helped, just can't bother to jot things down (though I never really checked on my notebook)

12.13pm, bout 13 hours had passed since yesterday's Prefects' Gala 2010. Nice? I've no idea. Missed a lot of the wonderful(?) programmes. Heard that some technical error occured during the form 3 dance, Goa. Too bad for them, they did well during all the rehearsals ('all' means theres bout 3 rehearsals before gala, all incomplete though). 

Saturday evening, went to school at 4 and had our last rehearsal. I helped Wern Yeen to do the backdrop, and later realised that I have nothing else to do. Later on I dropped silent, sat down staring away, trying to figure out what's happening to me. Not happy nor depressed, am I crying deep inside? I wonder... But finally I flung away all those miserable thoughts and went for ushering after knowing i'm not involved in the rehearsal.

I'm given the job as the assistant coordinator, didn't do much. Next came ushering, I was appointed to stand by the school gate to usher the attendees esp from other schools. Those who wanted to enter the hall must first walk all the way up to block A along a long corridor and being greeted in the way "Welcome to SMK Bukit Mewah" or "Welcome to Prefects' Gala 2010" for 50++ times. Grand it seems? =) Our blacklight performance was nice I think, with all the cheering and screaming from the audience, but most probably they were just doing it for fun. After that we spent some time getting those glow sticks off our arms for it was attached to our arms using cellophane tapes. And now there's some swelling on my left arm @@

Follow dance was weird. No one really prepared for it. But the audiences seemed to enjoy themselves much, so who cares if it's weird? =) The occasion ended up well, with compliments from teachers and AJKs. We had our share of the remaining food (didn't take any =P) and headed back. 

At last, a happy ending. They are all fine now I guess.
Relieved *cheers~

May Prefects' Gala 2011 be a success =D


elaine宇羚 said...

nah, ying2 is not honest at all.
my souvenirs r not nice =X

yea, form 3 dance was.... the starting part had a little problem, n their expression showed that. (we r more pro... wakaka XD)

u did help a lot. haha, don't say you hav nothing to do la. lalala~~~

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