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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Camp =)

Sorry to say that I wasn’t at all eager to go for the prefect camp last Tuesday. For your information, the camp was held from 16th to 18th march at the Eagle Ranch Resort PD, quite expensive, RM70, but at least we have beds to sleep on and clean washrooms xD

During team formation, we grouped together and had some brain storm to think of the misi, visi, motto, cheer and so on. My group namely the Vivianites (they use minerals for our groups’ names, guess why…) consist of Thava (the group leader), Vijithrra (guardian angel), Wei Theng, Ong Xin Kai, Komathy, Mervin, Izzat, Mariessa and me. At last we thought of some lame motto and vision + cheer and drew a simple flag, presented it and we went thought the rest of the camp together as a team =)

It was quite a disappointment during the station games cause we're not united and was kinda careless in taking care of the flag and egg the AJKs asked us to protect. We lost everything except the visi misi motto paper in the end. I can't see any unity in our group and I was trying quite desperately to think of something to improve things going. I gave them a shoooort lecture but at last I thought of giving up and just follow the flow. But till now, I regretted that I didnt try my best and was acting inactive throughout the camp. I failed to accomplish what I planned and couldn't help my team members in anyway, well, apologizes.

During the camp, Yi Ling had a bad headache and was suffering badly on the first night. Kiu Boe got his nose bleeding during the obstacle course. And for Jiao Qi, she was not feeling at all well during the second night. I tried to help them but when I see what they're going through, I do not know what to do. And yet I claimed that I passed the PC  test. I was there watching them suffering just to know that I can't do anything to make them feel better, it couldn't have been worse.   

Well, a few words of gratitude from me to my friends there who helped me throughout the camp. Especially to my team members and the leader Thava, thanks for all the help during the camp and also the Obstacle Course, couldn't make it without each and everyone of you. To Callie who helped Yi Ling, Jiao Qi and I xD. To Andrew for helping me alot. =) 

P.S.= To all AJKs and Facilitators, thx for putting much effort in succeeding the camp. We may make you feel annoyed sometimes but we all(?) appreciate your work. Thx for everything. =) 


elaine宇羚 said...

ying2, LOL. i oso a PBSM la, but den i headache. == like stupiak. so don blame yourself. =) n prefect gala over now!!!! wow!!!

Yingying said...

Haha, congrats, nice souvenirs. =)

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