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Thursday, June 17, 2010


            About 2 days till Charity Night. Feeling quite numb now, not too excited nor calm. Just finished writing my speech for that night, credits to Wern Yeen for I kinda copied a lot from what she had written for our proposal intro =) But still that's my piece of hardwork k? Never tried so hard to merge my own piece with another person's work ><

           Charity Night's making me moody~ Wouldn't know if my words or actions accidentally hurt any of my friends but if I did, I'm real sorry... Hopefully it'll never happen again. Still, Charity Night is 2 days away. I really really really hope that the least problems will occur on that day since the problems we're facing now is 'more than enough'. God bless us. Even though I don't believe in one. Any yea, I can really add in some names in the ajk list of Charity Night which are - 'Ying Ying's mom and Ying Ying's housemaid'. They helped to do the booklets which include cutting each A4 paper into half (bout 100 pieces) and folding them accordingly. Really thank them alot.

             As for my committees members, I apologize for any harsh words or angry tones from me. I hope, sincerely, that we can work together as a team and not like what it is for now.  

          Hope Charity Night will be a success (fingers crossed). =)


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